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The triangle of the death: Dhadhaab, Dolow and Badbaado (Mogadiscio


The route to Dadaab , Dolow and Mogadicio, which lies about 1000 miles most of the refuges travelled 50 days by foot to reach their destination is especially perilous, winding through one of the most unforgiving environments in the world. The women have been marauded, raped and killed by the various armed groups that haunt the land. Most arrive here penniless and demoralized. Many parents said they buried children along the way. Some die just within reach of finally getting help.


Beyond freelance gunmen, Islamist militants, cholera, malaria, measles and the staggering needs of hundreds of thousands of starving children, now we may have another problem to reckon with: TFG officials, contractor of WFP and local businessman of Hawiye Clan of the president sheik Shariif. Thousands of sacks of grain and other supplies intended for famine victims have been stolen by unscrupulous businessmen and then sold on the open market for a profit. A handful of Somali contractors for aid agencies have formed a cartel and [became] important power brokers — some of whom channel their profits, or the aid itself, directly to armed opposition groups. Somali ministers, members of Parliament, diplomats and ‘freelance brokers’ have transformed access AID to into a growth industry, matched possibly only by piracy, that many of the people who are presented as part of an official government entourage are actually pirates or members of militant groups.

Back in 1991 and 1992, during Somalia’s last famine, warlords and their militias were notorious for commandeering food shipments.

Now In the 2011 the same history is repeating itself with Somalis suffering yet again from another severe famine for the same reasons as before; human greed and fanaticism.

Famine in Baidoa was neither the result of natural or environmental causes, nor the result of the civil war. Baidoa is the richest city in the country and the capital of the most productive agricultural region, and did not experience the level of conflict that was the fate of Mogadishu, Belet Weyn and Kismayu. How then could Digil and Mirfle suffering be explained, when they had no part in the power struggle?

This is to remember a very tragic incident that happened in Southwest regiones like Biadio and Afgoi(widely known as the city of death) in which approximately one a million Digil and Mirfle lives perished, the perpetrators of these cruel and inhumane crimes still continue their work they change names, colours and come in different forms, the former SPM ,SNF and USC-SNA militia now turned Al-Shabaal and TFG ,have made Somalia into what it is today, My people is suffering today because of the consequence of these innocent blood. If one gives a close look at the events of Somalia, surely and constructively without any bias one can deduce that it's the combination and the work effort of the two groups previously mentioned, especially as the case with the city of Biadoa and the sarounding regions and cities in which Somalia's most tragic storeis occured. Armed militia's fighting against one another was one thing but ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts against innocent civilians was the behaviour of this groups, with the events and the massacres of cities like Mogadishu, Merca, Kismayo and Baidoa and many more in the 90's, its all documented and the stories published fully available on the public domain, occurring to this evidenza we reiterate our decisions to imply secession from Somalia, Like SudSudan, like bosnia there era ethnic cleansing and genocidal acts against innocent civilians for about 70 years.

Mayow Idow


Lower Shabeele-Somalia